The video shown before Julain's First Pitch.

This would not of been possible without:
   The support of Florida Atlantic University
   The design from Enabling the Future
   The 3-D Printers at: FAU High School's TechGarage - a MakerSpace

Thank You!

The cost is < $300 including 3-D printer time & labor costs The green waffle material is shelf liner, underneath it is a plate made from corrugated plastic attached with stainless screws, Lined with moleskin & stuffed with lambs wool for padding. The center black strap keeps the plate locked down so the hand can press against it and operate the glove.

Corrugated plastic is: smooth, easy to work with, light weight, flexible in one direction, rigid when secured. Thus, it is the perfect material for a pressure plate, that can be folded to make a flap doorway..

Chad helps Julian with his Second Bionic Glove.

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